Measurement Conversions


Recommended measurement conversion books from
Internet Link Measure for Measure
Internet Link Conversion Factors : S. I. Units and Many Others
Internet Link Schaum's Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables
Internet Link Conversion Factors (Oxford Science Publications)

Other Links:
Internet Link Bagatrix
  Online unit conversion site
Internet Link ConvertUnit
  Online interactive unit conversion site where you can convert between the metric system and other units of measurement like the British/American, avoirdupois systems, but also more exotic systems like Japanese, ancient Greek, biblical and old Swedish measures
Internet Link metric
  Free online metric conversion calculators
Internet Link Teaching English in Japan
  On-line conversion and sample tables for the most common units
Internet Link Dimensional Analyst and RPN calculator
  Online conversion software - requires MS Internet Explorer 5.0+
Internet Link Science Made Simple
  On-line conversions
Internet Link North American Time Zones and GMT
  Conversion chart between GMT and the major US Time Zones maintained by the NSF ( * Wesley Colley )
Internet Link World Wide Metric
  Some On-Line Calculators - JavaScript ( * Robert Collette )
Internet Link Conversion Tables
  Conversion factors are organized in groups - enter a value for one unit and then all units in that group will be calculated.
Internet Link
  ( * Juergen Ernst )
Internet Link Conversion Forms
  ( * Stephen Phillips)
Internet Link Process Associates
Internet Link UNICALC Live
  ( * Roger Gregory )