FCIVShell - File Verification Tool with Source Code

FCIVShell - File Verification Tool with Source Code

FCIVShell (C)2012-2014 Peter Wallin -- File Verification Tool
Source-code included

For small backup jobs, use FCIVShell as part of your file backup workflow. With this tool, you will be able to find out if your backups are still good or if they are a victim of bit-rot which can happen many years after backup file creation. To reduce the risk of bit-rot, make new backups on various types of media (DVD, hard-drive, thumb-drive, etc) every year or two and use file verification software as part of this process. Don't discard old backup media. Recently created files (source-code, financial information, media, etc) should be backed up as soon as possible (don't wait for a year or two to pass before these things are backed up).

FCIVShell is used with fciv.exe and is for making it easier for creating fciv.xml files that contain MD5 and/or SHA1 hash codes for files. One fciv.xml file will be placed in the top level folder that is being scanned.

Download Part 1:
fciv.exe is unsupported software by Microsoft(R) which can still be acquired at:

Download Part 2: - 25KB - Includes FCIVShell.exe and its C# source code
(Optional) This product is currently not digitally signed. After downloading, if you are using Windows 7 or higher, and you downloaded the software from, right-click on the ZIP file on your computer, select "Properties" and click the [Unblock] button.

Install .Net 4.0 Runtime if you haven't already
Copy FCIVShell.exe and fciv.exe to the same folder on your computer.
One possible place is: C:\Program Files
Next, right-click FCIVShell.exe and select "Copy" then right-click on your desktop and select "Paste shortcut" to put a short-cut on your desktop for easy access.